Test Ride 'Freelance' Partner

Brussels, Belgium · Operations


Cowboy (www.cowboy.com) is a digitally native, vertical brand which implies that the product will be sold mainly online.

As people value testing a product prior to making a decision, Cowboy will be offering Test Rides where Customers can test the bike, ride it for a while and ask all kind of questions. As the customer journey is almost entirely digital this will be the only direct contact with the customer for Cowboy, making it a critical moment and an opportunity for Cowboy to create a magical customer experience.

Cowboy is looking for Freelancers who are building and developing business for Cowboy by making the Test Ride a magical customer experience and inspire anyone who is interested in the product. The Freelance Expert should be able to

As a Freelance Expert you will


We are looking for a Freelancer who


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